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"THE SOUNDTRACK" or listen to the movies!

Festival 1,2,3 ciné Extract from "Mon voisin Totoro" sounded by the audience .

This Masterclass (or workshop) aims to raise public awareness of the art of sound in cinema while contributing to a shared teaching in a fun and interactive form. 


During a session, the objective is to recompose as a group, an alternative version of the musical and sound universe of a credits or film extract with the diversity of musical instruments and audio equipment available.


Participants train and rehearse in a real situation, they must write a new sound score on the images that are proposed and under the artistic direction of a professional composer and musician.


At the end, the sound session is recorded and synchronized with the image.















This masterclass is part of all existing awareness-raising and image education measures: regional image centres, cultural and charitable associations, festivals and cinemas, music conservatories, team building, etc. All public or private structures developing a project around music and sound in the cinema.


If you would like to know more or if you are interested in a partnership, do not hesitate to contact us.





Alternative music on the credits of Stanley Kubrick's "Shining".

The Sound Lab