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Bruno Laloum
Michel Taib

Michel Taïb

Composer / Artistic direction

Ali Laouamen

Ali Laouamen

Mix and mastering

Philip Sanders

Philip sanders

Compose / Producer

Bruno Laloum

Editor in Chief

We produce and record sound pieces of all types and for all audiovisual media: feature films and short films, documentaries, commercials, trailers, motion design...

We are composers, creative producers, specialized in the sound creation of orchestral arrangements with minimalist scores, placing musical direction at the centre of our productions. From the design to the implementation of our content, we provide a modern and original service.


We are also involved as a trainer with our interactive masterclass, in awareness-raising and image education programs, developing academic partnerships with film festivals, cultural and charitable associations, music schools, teambuilding... All public or private structures developing an educational project around sound in the cinema.


Through our training activities, we hope to promote access to culture for all!




- The studio: Production, recording, mixing.


- Sound identity : from composition to musical supervision.


- The label : phonographic production.


- Training : to promote access to music for as many people as possible                   with our soundtrack sound workshop .


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to join us!


The Sound Lab